Kintsugi classes (English available)

Masako no Urushi Kyoto Lacquer Art Studio offers a custom-made class for each student. 

Practice of Kintsugi and lacquer art in Kyoto. 

Kintsugi, maki-e, lacquer painting, there are many things you can learn and do with lacquer. Please tell me what you would like to work with and how you would like to make it.

 "I would like to try kintsugi first, but I am also interested in maki-e, and I’d like to try free artwork, too.”

If you think like this, first let's start with what we can do. I will make a proposal to fulfill your "I want to try it!” 


 Lesson Fees

-Admission fee 3000 yen
-2 lessons per month, 9,000 yen
-After the third session in a month, each additional session is 4,000 yen 

Date and Time

 Sunday, starting at 13:30~ 120 minutes (including preparation and clean-up) 


 I am not a native speaker, so it would be helpful if we can cooperate with each other for better understanding. Thank you.

Kintsugi class (English available)


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415 Shin-Inokumacho 
Kamigyo-ku KYOTO

Opening hours

Sunday 13:30〜